Top 5 Common Lawnmower Issues You Should Know About

Lawnmowing isn’t just a task—it’s an art. But like any art, sometimes the tools we use can encounter challenges. Here at Lawnmowers for Africa, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. With the right information, you can ensure your lawnmower remains in perfect working condition for years to come. Below, we list down the top 5 common lawnmower issues and how you can address them:

Engine Won’t Start: This is perhaps the most common problem. It could be due to stale fuel, a dirty carburetor, or a faulty spark plug. Remember to empty the fuel tank at the end of every season and don’t store your lawnmower too long, and you should start it often.

Uneven Cutting: If your lawn looks patchy after mowing, you might be dealing with dull or bent blades. Regularly replace the blades to maintain a clean cut.

Loss of Power: Clogged filters, dirty spark plugs, or old fuel could be the culprits here. Routine checks and cleaning can prevent this issue.

Excessive Vibrations: This can be a sign of bent or loose blades. Always ensure your blades are securely fastened and in good condition.

Pull Cord is Stuck: This often indicates a jam in your mower’s flywheel, which can be caused by grass clippings. Cleaning your mower regularly and ensuring the blade area is free from debris can help prevent this.

Remember, regular maintenance and timely checks can save you a lot of trouble down the road. If you’re experiencing issues beyond these common ones or need expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Lawnmowers for Africa. We’re here to ensure your lawn remains the envy of the neighborhood!