Embracing Diversity Underfoot: Exploring Alternative Ground Covers Beyond Traditional Grass Lawns

Welcome to the latest post from Lawnmowers for Africa, where we’re not just about keeping your lawns trimmed; we’re also passionate about sustainable, innovative gardening practices. Today, we’re diving into the world of alternative ground covers that can transform your outdoor space while reducing your environmental footprint.

Why Consider Alternatives to Grass Lawns?

Traditional grass lawns, while beautiful, can demand a lot of resources – water, fertilizers, and constant mowing. In our journey towards more sustainable living, exploring different types of ground covers can be a game-changer. These alternatives not only add unique beauty to your landscape but also promote biodiversity and can be more resilient and low-maintenance.

  1. Clover (Trifolium)

Clover is a fantastic alternative to traditional grass. It’s drought-resistant

, requires minimal mowing, and naturally fertilizes the soil by fixing nitrogen. This makes it a low-maintenance option that stays green and lush, even in challenging conditions. Plus, its flowers are a magnet for beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies.

  1. Moss

Ideal for shady or damp areas where grass struggles to grow, moss provides a velvety green carpet that’s incredibly low maintenance. It doesn’t need mowing, is drought-tolerant once established, and offers a unique aesthetic. Moss is perfect for creating a serene, green space in your garden.

  1. Ground Cover Herbs

Herbs like thyme, oregano, and chamomile make excellent ground covers. Not only do they release delightful fragrances when walked on, but they also offer beautiful blooms and attract pollinators. These herbs are hardy, require little water, and can withstand light foot traffic.

  1. Native Ground Covers

Each region in Africa has its native plants that can serve as effective ground covers. These plants are adapted to local conditions and support local wildlife. Consult with a local nursery to find the best native plants for your area.

  1. Ornamental Grasses

While technically still grass, ornamental varieties like Blue Fescue or Fountain Grass offer a different aesthetic with less maintenance. They are often drought-tolerant and add texture and movement to your garden.

  1. Artificial Turf

For those looking for a no-maintenance option, modern artificial turf can mimic the look of real grass without any of the upkeep. It’s ideal for play areas or where growing conditions are tough.


Embracing alternative ground covers can lead to a more sustainable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing garden. At Lawnmowers for Africa, we support and celebrate these diverse, eco-friendly choices. Remember, a greener future starts right under our feet!